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This section will not give you a proper introduction to playing tournaments if you have never played a tournament before. It won’t make you an expert in tournament poker or on winning the WSOP bracelet either.

It will, however, point out a few things to make you a better tournament player. Please read through carefully and remember to reflect over this information the next time you play a poker tournament at www.onlinepokerlabs.com. You will notice an improvement in your game which is always the goal.

Tips, Tricks & More

Relying on Luck

To win a large multi table tournament, you will have to have been playing for a long time. So, if you're relying on just your luck, know that luck eventually runs out! Reduce the risks of this happening to you by considering all your possible scenarios. Remember, one mistake can push you out of the entire tournament.

When you are an aggressive player, know that people are just waiting for the chance to trample you with a monster hand. Be careful when this happens to avoid losing all your chips.


No Limit Play has a lot to do with trapping. Don't be obvious with your cards pre-flop and play to trap opponents with monster hands! You can play slightly looser if you don't want to risk being raised.

Pot Odds

Use the no-limit bet to make sure no one gets pot odds to outdraw you.

Remember that the implied odds can be very high in No Limit games. (It can potentially be the opponent’s entire stack).

If you're raising someone who is playing short-stacked, consider forcing him to go all-in. It will reduce the risk of getting called down and you also ensure he/she doesn't get a second chance.

Strategy Change

The blind increase will alter the correct strategy for each and every hand. If your stack is low compared to the blinds, you will have to take a chance sooner or later and your plan should be to make it at the right moment. When you do act, you should do it aggressively!

Opponent's stacks are extremely important to keep track of because you're more likely to be called on an all-in by someone who possesses substantially more chips than you do, than by someone with far less. Keeping that in mind, make sure to be aggressive against short-stacked players.

It would be an additional advantage for you to get to know your opponents actual total bankroll (at least for a particular game) in a tournament. With this information, you can more easily put yourself in their position and hope that they fold while you are dominating a player with high bets.

Drying Out

Consistently betting and folding to a larger and aggressive bet pre-flop, may prove costly. Avoid this by playing tight seated before aggressive players.

By following these simple guidelines you'll be better prepared for the thrill, rush and excitement of online poker!

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