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Be Courageous

Have you ever wondered what distinguishes the best poker players from others? It’s simple - their courage. Sure they’ve practiced a lot and know a great deal about the ins and outs of the game, but their greatest asset is the confidence they have built up. If you are not self confident nor have enough courage to act in a game, you won’t do well no matter who you are. These are the characteristics you need to be the best. Doyle Brunson once said: "Timid players don’t win in high-stakes Poker". Courage means: everything you’ve put in the pot belongs to the pot. It’s not yours, so you’re better off just forgetting about that money. Don’t ever make a small bet when you feel that the best action is to bet large. However, if you see that you really don’t have much of a chance at winning and the pot has consumed one too many bets from you already, then don’t hesitate to fold. Don’t think about the money - think about the game. Remember: Folding isn’t a sign of weakness and it by no means makes you a loser. What else does courage mean but to take actions that require guts and strength? Courage is when you can’t see the profit but take the risks anyway. You may say that courage is not that important, but have you ever seen a player without it?

Be Patient

My mother always said that patience is a virtue. Well it’s time to put that virtue to good use. Patience means folding again and again when you see it’s a lost hand and holding out for the best hand that will give you the win.

Be Vigilant

Whatever you do, don’t ever doze off in a Poker game. Even if you’re dead tired, you need to stay awake and be alert to know what’s going on. Even if you’ve been there all day, you have to stay vigilant. It’s not impossible. Think about Johnny Moss and Nick "the Greek" Dandolos, who spent five months at the poker table in 1949. That’s a bit extreme and while you don’t have to go that far, but if you’re going to be at the table, you have to be on top of things - always!

Control Your Emotions.

Remember that no matter how hard a time you’re having, you should never take out your anger on the things or people around you. Part of the game is keeping yourself cool and collected, even if everything is falling apart around you. So, if you’ve just had a rough hit from life (e.g. your wife/husband left you) then don’t play poker. Poker requires a lot of concentration. As in all important moments of your life, you focus on what’s going on around you. Likewise, when playing poker you should only be thinking about poker. Another thing - if you feel upset about the money you’ve lost, then you should just get up from the table and play something else.

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