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Titan Poker (iPoker network) Review

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What Distinguishes Titan Poker from Other Poker Rooms
Which Games to Play
Tournaments and bonuses
Vip Program
Titan Poker

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Titan Poker is a great poker room for beginners and for professionals. Although it has interface shortages, they are well compensated for by the great game conditions and nice bonus offers. Titan Poker is a room that is definitely worth trying.

What Distinguishes Titan Poker from Other Poker Rooms?

As of today, iPoker network is compatible with the biggest poker rooms, as far as the amount of players goes. Not too long ago there were only a few active tables at any given time. Nowadays it’s a vast network with a great choice of $2 to $400 no-limit tables. Just like any other major poker room, Titan Poker supports data import for Pokerace and PokerTracker tools.


Which Games to Play

With $2 no-limit tables and the lowest bet of two cents, it’s a convenient way to learn the game without any risk of losing any essential amount of money. Much to our dismay, the choice of $400 no-limit tables and above is not so hot, but shouldn't bother anyone but the high level players. If a player prefers limited Poker, they should avoid Titan Poker. There are only a few tables in a range between $0.5/$0.25 to $1/$0.5, and that’s about all. Pot-limit poker is also quite rare here, as well as any other poker type, such as Omaha and 7 Card Stud

One of the greatest advantages of Titan Poker is how relatively low the gaming level of the players in the low-limit games is. Whereas in the higher limit tables (over $100 no-limit), there is a tendency to unify the players' gaming skills in all poker rooms. At lower limit (particularly $20 no-limit) games, players are generally less experienced and play loose and actively. It should be noted for professionals, that the players’ level in the $100-$400 no-limit games range is almost similar to that in any other popular poker room; however, it’s still a little lower.


Tournaments and Bonuses

As for the multi-table tournaments, Titan Poker is a very attractive poker room. There are constantly tournaments with guaranteed prize pools and well elaborated satellite structures. There are many tournaments which allow buy-ins with Titan Points (bonus points of the room). Every day there are satellites to a very big FreeRoll with a $500,000 prize pool. Participation in these satellites costs from 300 to 900 Titan points, depending on the amount of guaranteed seats in the master tournament. There are about 400 participants in these tournaments, which makes getting a seat quite easy and affordable. By playing $20 no-limit games for a few hours per day, a player can accumulate 900 bonus points in just a couple weeks. There are also regular tournaments where a player can buy in with Titan points and win real money prizes. Titan Poker provides a great opportunity to utilize your bonus points, which is not always the case with other rooms that offer limited ways to turn your bonus points into prizes or seats in tournaments.

Besides those regular tournaments, Titan Poker runs some frequent $10+$1 and $20+$2 Sit&Go 6 player tournaments themselves, which is not so common among poker rooms. However, the higher limits Sit&Go tournaments are rare.


VIP Program

The VIP program at Titan Poker is something that is definitely worth mentioning. By constantly accumulating Titan points, a player may apply to achieve a VIP status, anywhere from “silver” to “diamond”. VIP players have access to exclusive free tournaments with prize pools from $2,000 all the way up to $10,000 depending on the VIP status level. VIP players also have access to satellites for the biggest tournaments and many other privileges. All these bonus policies really set Titan Pokerapart from other poker rooms, since others tend to encourage only new players instead of catering to returning players.



The interface of Titan Poker is nothing extraordinary; it can be ranked as satisfactory. There is little contrast on the screen of important details and there is an all-in button which bets all chips without prior warning. Sometimes a player can just push it accidentally.

In Titan Poker there’s no option of opening up a tournament’s lobby in a separate window, which may be inconvenient to those playing several tournaments at a time. There is, however, a window minimization option, but it only supports 2 standard window sizes. The smaller of which is too small to be convenient. The main lobby of the room shows both normal and turbo-tables (tables with a limited lead expectation period). There are no filters for the table type, which is inconvenient for multi-tables.



Titan Poker is a great poker room for beginners and for professionals. Although it has interface shortages, they are well compensated for by the great game conditions and nice bonus offers. Titan Poker is a room that is definitely worth trying.


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