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    Archive for the ‘Freerolls’ Category

    Strategy in Freerolls

    The strategy described below can be used only in freerolls. It can’t be applied to usual MTTs (Multi Table Tournaments).

    We shall consider the strategy of a freeroll game with the standard structure: the initial stack is 60-100ВВs (Big Blinds) and the level-up (an interval of time in which blinds grow) is 8-12 minutes.

    Some rooms have turbo freerolls with level-up of 2-3 minutes. But most freerolls still have a standard structure, which is the reason why we will be discussing them in this article. In reading the article, you will notice that it is not chalk full of specialized poker terms in order to make it easier for a beginner to understand.


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    Posted in Freerolls | 6,813 Comments » September 21, 2007

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