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    Online poker. Myths and reality.

    Recently poker has become hugely popular. It has become the most widely played online game. It is not surprising, that there are many rumors connected with poker. This article serves the purpose of dispelling most of these rumors. Hundreds of millions of dollars are invested in online poker and, of course, there many people desire to win. Money is electronic here. During a game it is displayed as chips of different colors. Due to the nature of online poker, it is easy to not take the game seriously or be nervous about its legitimacy. This feeling is intensified when you see poker sites using whimsical characters such as a charming donkey or a battered hockey player. The other difficulty is that there have been online thieves and cheaters. Naturally, rumors arise from mistrust.

    So, we shall start exposing these myths. Read it all…

    Posted in All about poker | 5,001 Comments » December 24, 2007

    Cheating in online poker

    This article goes over the most common ways people cheat in poker rooms, the policies most poker rooms have concerning cheating and gives advice on how to protect yourself from cheaters.

    Unfortunately this is quite a common problem in online poker rooms. Poker rooms spend a lot of time and money fighting this problem, along with constantly improving their security systems. Obviously this is not just a concern of the poker room, but also the players who could potentially be swindled out of a great deal of money.

    Read it all…

    Posted in All about poker | 4,187 Comments » November 12, 2007

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