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Poker Tracker tool

Poker Tracker Tool

What does Poker Tracker have to Offer?

The ability to:

  • Track your ring game and tournament play on multiple poker sites. Have an account on lots of different poker sites? No problem. Poker Tracker will allow you to import hand histories from each site and store them in the same database. Don't worry if your screen names are not the same either, Poker Tracker has a way to let you combine the stats from multiple sites. For a complete list of supported sites, click here.
  • Track your starting hands and through the various hand combinations see how many times you:

    1. See the flop
    2. Raise
    3. Win money
    4. And much more!
  • Track your play by position. You can see how many times you call under the gun, from the cut-off, etc. You can look at the amount of money you win by position and can even see how you play short-handed or with a full table.
  • Track your play by session/tournament.
  • Track your hand results. You will be able to see how many times you got a flush, full-house, etc. and how much money you made with each hand.
  • Track your best and worst opponents. Find out who you've won the most money from and who has won the most money from you.
  • Track every player you have ever played against and keep detailed notes on each player. You can even see how often they see the flop, raise pre-flop, check-raise, win at showdown and much more.
  • Import from and export to your player notes files. The advanced exporter allows you to export user-defined stats to the notes files so they can show up when a player sits at your table.
  • Auto-rate ring game players. You can set up rules, or use the default rules, to automatically rate players as hands are loaded. You can almost instantly find out who the fish are.
  • Graphically replay your hands individually or replay entire sessions. You can even replay entire tournaments!

Most of the on-line poker sites allow you to keep notes on players and will give you statistics on your current session, but Poker Tracker provides all of this and so much more.

Try Poker Tracker for free by downloading the free trial version of Poker Tracker Hold'em, Omaha and/or Stud today. Import up to 1,000 hands with no obligation to pay. If you like the software and want to be able to import more than 1,000 hands, you can purchase a registration code from the manufacturer for only $55.00.


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