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How to Tell if Your Opponent is Bluffing

Believe it or not, even in online poker where you cannot see a “poker face” per se, there are some telltale signs that a player is bluffing. In fact, there are many ways to spot a poker bluff. Among the most common signs are impatience and attempts to distract you. Pay close attention to players who exhibit these kinds of behaviors.

When on the lookout for a bluff, beware of players who are chatting about how their poor luck is, especially if you notice that they are raising pots at the same time. Also be wary of players who raises before the flop and then quickly raises again after the flop. When this occurs, don’t call unless you are reasonably sure you can win with what is already in your hand.

Another sign of a bluff is a player who is “sitting out” and then suddenly re-enters the game just as the cards are being dealt. If this player is also quick to call or raise, he or she may simply be in too much of hurry to seriously be playing a good hand. Playing quickly is a sure sign of a bluff in poker games. To win consistently with good hands, players must take the time to play strategically. Someone who always plays holdem poker quickly is not taking the time necessary to play a good hand. On a similar note, very loose players who bet on every hand are also very likely to be bluffing much of the time. It isn’t possible to always have a good starting hand.

Also be careful of a player who has low stacks and bets an entire bankroll. This may be a player who is ready to give up and is playing with an “all or nothing” mentality to see if they can win the pot and stay in the game.

Another sign of bluffing to look for is a player who checks on the turn after betting on the flop. This may look like confidence, but how confident is this player in reality? Players who do this should be called. If you have a decent hand and feel confident, force this type of player to bet.

Always pay attention to what a player shows at the end of a hand. This is another way to pick out a bluff. If you notice a player raise before the flop and that player loses the hand, notice what he or she shows. If it is not much, it is probably a bluff, and the player is likely to try it again. Be aware of that player’s tendency to bluff foolishly.

As you can see, playing with impatience is, in fact, one of the biggest mistake a poker bluff will make. While a good bluff may be able to fake patience, an impatient player is a top suspect for being a bluff.

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  • How To Tell If Your Opponent Is Bluffing
    Believe it or not, even in online poker where you cannot see a “poker face” per se, there are some telltale signs that a player is bluffing. In fact, there are many ways to spot a poker bluff.
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